Tree Services

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Tree Service

Full service Tree Company. Training for us was from the International Society of Arboriculture. Many years of experience.  Up to date knowledge from continuous training and OJT.

Environmentally Responsible Tree Removal

We try to save trees before recommending removal. Storm damage may look severe, but in many cases trees can be saved.


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Expert Tree Trimming and Pruning

We pride ourselves on the beauty of the trees after we prune and trim them. The added benefit is leaving the trees more healthy and resistant to high winds.




Stump Grinding

Fast and efficient, automated machinery.  Below grade grinding will allow you to plant other plants and shrubs in the same footprint.

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Forest Acres SC Storm Tree Damage

Storm Preparation and Cleanup

We have worked before and after many of the past tropical storms, tornadoes and hurricanes in the area.


Deep root fertilization is called for in some instances to either save a tree or to ensure health.

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