The great David Shepherd Trophy

Cricket is a sport that not only recognizes the best players and managers. If you think you know who the best cricketers are, sign up now to 1xBet - secure Bangladesh betting site that allows you to make all kinds of wagers. The International Cricket Council also recognizes the best umpires. More specifically, the official that performs the best job during a calendar year is given the David Shepherd Trophy. Since its establishment in 2004, many umpires have been recognized with it. The 1xBet Bangladesh platform is a secure betting site in which punters can also wager on the decisions that umpires take during cricket matches.

Physical features of the award

The David Shepherd Trophy is a beautiful work of art that features a cricket ball made of crystal. At the same time, this crystal ball has more than four thousand crystal chantons embedded in it. Punters can always visit the webpage if they think they know who is likely to be awarded this trophy. The ball and its chantons are held in place by a hand, also made up of crystal. At the same time, this hand comes from a base made of aluminum. Considering its details, the trophy is surprisingly light, as it only has a weight of 1.2 kilograms. Cricket umpires are a crucial part of cricket, and you can always wager on all decisions they make by going to the 1xBet website. Additionally, the base of the trophy is a square with 11 centimeters per side. The David Shepherd Trophy as a whole has a height of 30 centimeters. It is incredible that such a gorgeous work of art with tons of detail can fit in this relatively small size.

Winners of the trophy

In total, umpires from five different nations have been awarded with the David Shepherd Trophy. These countries include Sri Lanka, South Africa, England, Australia and Pakistan. Go and place cricket live bet on 1xBet, which features plenty of outcomes that involve decisions made by umpires who participate in matches. Some of the officials who have been awarded with this trophy include: Richard Illingworth; Simon Taufel; Aleem Dar; and Marais Erasmus. Australian umpire Simon Taufel has been by far the most recognized official with this trophy. He was given the David Shepherd Trophy for a staggering five consecutive times between the years 2004 and 2008. Whenever great umpires are in a match, you can place a cricket live bet on them through the 1xBet bookmaker.

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